Laboratory of Microbiology and Bacteriology

Laboratory of Microbiology and Bacteriology conducts:

  • Diagnosis of diseases of the upper respiratory tract, microflora causing purulent-inflammatory processes, viral, fungal, infectious pathologies; bacteriological identification of various biological samples: urine, sputum, urethra and urogenital smear, prostate secretion, pus, exudates and excreted fluid from the wound, cerebrospinal fluid and bacteriological testing for blood sterility (identification of microbe and its sensibility to antibiotics).
  • Study of gastrointestinal microflora, Helicobacter pylori antigen, Rota-adenoviruses, enteroviruses, Hemorrhagic Escherichia coli VT-1 + VT-2, Clostridium deficiency A + B toxin study, Yersinia enterocolitica detection.
  • Test for calprotectin and occult bleeding, study of abnormal intestinal flora and dysbacteriosis,
  • Spermogram – Quantitative and qualitative study of sperm as well as bacteriological analysis of testicular fluid.
  • Detection of influenza A + B virus in nasopharyngeal smear, detection and genotyping of high-risk types of human papilloma virus, Mycoplasma hominis and chlamydia trachomatis, hepatitis C and B virus by real-time PCR method.

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