Angiology and Vascular Surgery

Angiology and Vascular Surgery focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of vascular condition such as peripheral artery disease, aneurysms, and venous disorders.


Angiology and Vascular Surgery, where dedicated teams of our partner clinics deliver comprehensive services designed to enhance vascular health. Explore a range of offerings addressing various concerns related to veins and arteries.


  1. Consultation:

Begin your vascular health experience with a thorough consultation. Experienced specialists assess medical histories, symptoms, and perform detailed examinations to understand unique needs. This sets the foundation for personalized care.


  1. Vascular Imaging and Diagnosis:

Utilizing advanced imaging technologies, comprehensive vascular imaging and diagnostics unveil intricacies of the vascular system. From non-invasive studies to sophisticated imaging procedures, precise diagnostics are ensured.


  1. Vein Resection and Ligation:

In cases requiring intervention for venous issues, skilled vascular surgeons perform vein resection and ligation procedures. These interventions aim to address concerns related to veins, ensuring optimal blood circulation.


  1. Vascular Interventions and Procedures:

The spectrum of vascular interventions encompasses various procedures aimed at restoring and optimizing vascular health. From minimally invasive techniques to complex interventions, the approach is tailored to specific needs.


  1. Arterial Procedures:

Addressing arterial concerns is crucial for overall vascular health. Arterial procedures include a range of interventions designed to manage arterial conditions, promoting efficient blood flow and preventing complications.

From consultations to specialized interventions, we made sure you can trust our affiliated clinics in navigating the intricate network of veins and arteries, ensuring optimal vascular well-being.

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