Hair Transplantation

Unlock Natural Confidence with Our Advanced Hair Transplantation Services. Rediscover a Fuller, Natural-Looking Head of Hair.

How it works?

Upon arrival in Georgia, our dedicated team ensures smooth transportation to and from appointments. Post-procedure, you’ll receive a comprehensive aftercare package, ensuring a hassle-free recovery.

We understand that a hair transplant can be a big decision. That’s why at HEAL, we are committed to achieving the best results for our patients.

What We Offer

Access to high-quality medical facilities and a network of professionals
Concierge Services
Personalized Approach
State-of-the-art technology
Supporting services to enhance your experience, including accommodation, transportation, and travel arrangements, notary and translation services, as well as tour and leisure packages.

FUE Method

Strip Method

DHI Method

Eyebrow, Mustache and Beard Transplantation

Long Hair Transplantation

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