Computed Tomography (CT)

State-of-the-art computed tomography (CT) technology redefines diagnostics. AI-guided tomographs combine innovation with low radiation doses, ensuring the highest quality images for accurate diagnoses.

CT services cover a spectrum of diagnostic areas, providing unparalleled insights into the following:


Brain, Skull, Spine, Chest, Abdomen, and Small Pelvis: CT scans offer detailed views of these crucial areas, enabling precise diagnosis.

CT Angiography: Visualize blood vessels with exceptional clarity, aiding in the diagnosis and treatment of vascular conditions.

Brain Perfusion Scan: Assess cerebral blood flow to uncover valuable information for neurological evaluation.

Non-Invasive CT Coronarography: Experience a swift, accurate examination without complications or the need for hospitalization. The procedure takes only 5-7 minutes.

CT Densitometry: Quantitative assessment of bone mineral density allows for early detection and management of osteoporosis.

Leading Tomographs:

Somatom Definition AS

Somatom Force

Somatom Definition Edge

Somatom Definition Edge Plus

Somatom Go.Top 


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